Introducing our Family

These are the faces of our Elders and teachers: we are here to help you on your path.

Bev, Rikki, and Jen - Calgary Pagan Pride Mead Tasting, May 2017 

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Third Degree High Priestess
Teacher & Elder

Jen joined Evergreen in 1999, studying under Hergest and Margarian. She achieved her First Degree in 2002, continuing her studies to achieve her Second Degree in 2007 and her Third in 2015.

Jen has been teaching since 2011 and take students in person from the Calgary area. She has been the Chair of the Canadian National Pagan Conference (Gaia Gathering), Chair of Calgary Pagan Pride and held board positions for both organizations from 2014 to 2018. She is very active in the pagan community and firmly believes in inclusion for all.

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Heather Dawn
Third Degree High Priestess

Heather Dawn started her spiritual journey in the Anglican Church, making stops along the way in Christian Fundamentalism, and Mormonism until she found her way to Wicca and the Evergreen Tradition. She has been a practicing Witch since the early ‘90s, working with a coven in Edmonton, Evergreen, and the Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta. She has gone through Evergreen’s training system, receiving her First Degree in 1999, her Second in 2004, and her Third in 2014.

Heather has lead a wide variety of rituals, including Handfastings and Requiems, and has a strong interest in interfaith work and chaplaincy. She is a past member of Calgary Pagan Pride, and served on the Host City Organizing Committee for the Canadian National Pagan Conference (Gaia Gathering) in 2017.

Heather has retired from teaching students, focusing her involvement with Evergreen in her role as Elder.

Heather Dawn passed into the Summerlands on November 22, 2021.

Rikki began her formal training in the Evergreen Tradition in 1999 with Hergest and Margarian, she received her Evergreen First Degree in 2001. Then, after traveling the world for a year and working with other groups, she came back to complete her Evergreen Second Degree, which she received in May 2005. In September of 2020 Rikki received her Evergreen Third Degree. 


In her home life, Rikki is married to an amazing man who is not a Wiccan but respects her faith. They both love to travel and spend time in the outdoors. They have been everywhere from Australia to Europe, India to Mexico, and Africa to South East Asia. Rikki loves to read and has a passion for growing things and cooking good food. 


Rikki specializes in healing, herbalism and energy work. She is an athletic and energized person who likes to take classes into the outdoors. Her teaching style is hands-on and participatory. Rikki is a creative and highly organized individual.   She currently resides in the Shuswap region of British Columbia and accepts long-distance students.

Third Degree High Priestess
Teacher & Elder
Korelia Yellowfeather
Second Degree High Priestess
Teacher & Elder

I’ve been exploring my spirituality since I was young. Actively through various Christian paths as well as studying about other organized paths.


In the late 80’s I started exploring earth-based religions through the Earth Medicine Circle, a Calgary group that celebrated the Sabbats, with public ritual. It went through many changes before finally winding down. My learning and personal practice at that time were through teachers that had studied with various Indigenous elders.


I was then involved with Sacred Space Theatre doing large-scale ritual and participatory theatre. That part of my journey helped to develop my love of ritual and a skill set that I rely on to this day.


I am currently a Second Degree Elder in the Evergreen Tradition and am working on my Third Degree. My passion for ritual is shared by teaching in Evergreen’s Ritual Leadership workshop series and mentoring our members who want to learn more. I am currently doing research on the relationship between the God and Goddess in Wiccan practice

Second Degree High Priestess
Teacher & Elder

Beverley Grusie-Titley (WolfHeart) found Paganism in 2001. She has practiced as a Solitary Practitioner, studying Shamanism and Wicca, as well as studying with the Calgary-based Pagan group Spira. Beverley is an Independence Root and Priestess of Hekate, Aphrodite, and Freya. Within these Goddess she has found her balance of Light and Dark as the wheel turns through the seasons.  


Beverley joined Evergreen Tradition in 2010. She achieved her First Degree in 2011 and achieved her Second in 2014.  She is currently working towards her Third Degree.


On a professional level, she worked as a Paralegal for 25 years, and has worked with the RCMP Victim Services Unit in Stony Plain, organizing training across Alberta for all Victim Services members. She currently is the manager of a retail store in Calgary. Beverley resides in Airdrie, and accepts both local and long-distance students.