Introducing our Family

These are the faces of our Elders and teachers: we are here to help you on your path.

Third Degree High Priestess
 Teacher & Elder

Photo taken at Calgary Pagan Pride Mead tasting in May 2017 (Bev, Rikki & Jen)

After soul searching in my 20’s for the right religion I stumbled upon a book on Wicca while at the local bookstore. After reading this book I realised that this is the path I wanted to follow. Not trusting myself to be disciplined enough to learn on my own I sought the aid of teachers of the Craft.


In 1999 I found Evergreen and began my 

First-Degree studies with Hergest and Margarian and achieved my First Degree status on April 28,  2002. I continued my studies with Evergreen and obtained my Second Degree on April 28, 2007, and my Third Degree on February 28, 2015.

I teach First, Second and Third Degree Evergreen studies and, In addition to my Evergreen family involvement, I also have been Chair of the Canadian National Pagan Conference, Chair of Calgary Pagan Pride and held board positions for both organizations from 2014 to 2018. I consider myself very active in the Pagan Community and I believe in inclusion for all.

Heather Dawn
Third Degree High Priestess
Teacher & Elder
Second Degree High Priestess
 Teacher & Elder

My religious education started in the Anglican Church, wandered through Christian fundamentalism, and ended up with the Mormon Church. Eventually, I realized Christianity didn't meet my spiritual needs. About 10 years later, a friend pointed me in the direction of Paganism. Research and a business card led me to Wicca and the Evergreen Tradition.


I am Wiccan and a Witch and I’ve been practicing the Craft since the early ʼ90s. Originally I worked with a friend's coven in Edmonton. Eventually, I made contact with Evergreen Tradition and the Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta in Calgary. I received my First Degree from Evergreen in June 1999, my Second Degree in June 2004, and my Third Degree in August 2014.


Over the years I've had the opportunity to write and lead a variety of rituals including Sabbats, Esbats, as well as Handfastings and Requiems. In addition, I spent five years as the Wiccan representative with a local women's interfaith group, and three years leading the Wiccan singing group Enchantress. My current interests include interfaith work and chaplaincy


In 2015, I was a Storyteller for Calgary Pagan Pride Day. In 2016 I was involved with the Calgary Host City Bid Committee for Gaia Gathering 2017, Canada’s National Pagan Conference. When Calgary won the bid, my focus shifted to being a part of the Host City Organizing Committee.


I accept students at all levels, and classes can be one-on-one or in a small group. As everyone is on a different spiritual journey, I see myself more as a coach and mentor. My role is to be a guide as you walk your own path.


Classes include lecture, discussion, hands-on activities, and project work. Critical thinking and questions are encouraged. As is a sense of humour and chocolate!

Religion… it was never a big issue in her home as she was growing up. Her parents let her find her own path, and that seeking and searching brought her to Wicca. So by the age of 14 Rikki had found it. She said “Finally, something that actually makes sense!” and that was the end of her seeking. 


After several years of solitary practice and a move to Calgary, she began her formal training in 1999 with Hergest and Margarian. In 2001 Rikki received her Evergreen First Degree. Then, after traveling the world for a year and working with other groups, she came back to study once more for her Evergreen Second Degree, which she received in May 2005. Since that time Rikki has kept busy leading the occasional Sabbat and teaching classes within the Evergreen family. In September of 2020 Rikki received her Third Degree. 


In her home life, Rikki is married to an amazing man who is not a Wiccan but respects her faith. They both love to travel and spend time in the outdoors. They have been everywhere from Australia to Europe, India to Mexico and Africa to South East Asia. Rikki loves to read and has a passion for cooking good food. Rikki also has two adoring cats.


Rikki specializes in healing, herbalism and energy work. She is an athletic and energized person who likes to occasionally take classes into the outdoors. Her teaching style is hands-on and participatory. Rikki is a creative and highly organized individual who, in her secular life, works in technical theatre. Her career in the arts does provide a scheduling challenge, however…This is not your average 9am-5pm working girl! Therefore her classes will only be scheduled up to one month in advance. Rikki will take long-distance students.

Korelia Yellowfeather
Second Degree High Priestess
Teacher & Elder
Second Degree High Priestess
Teacher & Elder

I’ve been exploring my spirituality since I was young. Actively through various Christian paths as well as studying about other organized paths.


In the late 80’s I started exploring earth-based religions through the Earth Medicine Circle, a Calgary group that celebrated the Sabbats, with public ritual. It went through many changes before finally winding down. My learning and personal practice at that time were through teachers that had studied with various Indigenous elders.


I was then involved with Sacred Space Theatre doing large-scale ritual and participatory theatre. That part of my journey helped to develop my love of ritual and a skill set that I rely on to this day.


I am currently a Second Degree Elder in the Evergreen Tradition and am working on my Third Degree. My passion for ritual is shared by teaching in Evergreen’s Ritual Leadership workshop series and mentoring our members who want to learn more. I am currently doing research on the relationship between the God and Goddess in Wiccan practice

Beverley Grusie-Titley (WolfHeart) found Paganism in 2001 after leaving the Christian church. She practiced as a Solitary Practitioner. Along the way she studied Shamanism and Wicca. In 2005 she found Spira, a Pagan group, in Calgary, Alberta. She began their learning program, and completed all levels of training. She became an Independence Root, based upon her affinity with Hekate.


After leaving Spira, Beverley became a Solitary Practitioner, once again studying Shamanism and Wicca. She found the Evergreen Tradition in 2010. In 2011 Beverley achieved her First Degree. In 2014 Beverley achieved her Second Degree with Evergreen. 

On a professional level, she worked as a Paralegal for 25 years, and also worked with the RCMP Victim Services Unit, in Stony Plain, organizing all of the training across Alberta for their Victim Services members. Beverly currently resides in Airdrie.