Frequently asked questions

Does Evergreen charge for teaching?

No, None of our Evergreen teachers charge for teaching however we do ask students to aid us in covering costs for materials purchased and used in the course of the lessons. IE: candles, charcoal disks, photocopies etc. This cost is usually equivilent to less than the cost of a latte at starbucks per month.

Are you Satanists? Do you believe in the devil?

No. Wicca has absolutely nothing in common with Satanists, we do believe in the horned one - the god of the forest and wild things as he is known by many names, but we do not believe in the personification of evil as representated by the Catholic church.

What are the Wiccan Holidays?

Evergreen celebrates the 4 Greater and 4 Lesser Sabbats. Samhain - October 31 Yule - December 21 Imbolc - Feb 1 Ostara - March 21st Beltaine - May 1 Litha - June 21 Lughnasad - August 1 Mabon - Sept, 21 In practice our rituals are usually held on the Saturday closest to the actual date.

How do Wiccans view death?

In general we belive in some form of reincarnation. Many belive we go to the summerland to wait until we are ready to return, others that we are simply energy that upon death is transformed to something else... like compost is food for flowers. All paths are valid from our perspective it is a matter of finding the one that works for you.

What is the Wiccan Rede?

The Wiccan Rede is considered to be the "One Law" of Wicca. Is is the statement "Do what you will, An it harm none." This sounds easy, but when you break it down you need to consider both what "harm" is and what "none" means. And then, live your life to these standards.