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About Us

Our Founders

Evergreen Tradition was founded in 1996 by Margarian Bridgebuilder and Stephen Hergest in Calgary, AB, Canada, traditional territory of the Treaty 7 nations and the Metis of Region 3.

Margarian and Hergest led rituals and workshops in Calgary, Red Deer, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa. They appeared in two books by Judy Harrow (1945- 2014), Wicca Covens and Spiritual Mentoring. Their article, "Pagan Deism: Three Views," appeared in The Pomegranate, Issue 1, February 1997


Margarian Bridgebuilder

Jessica Lake

Third Degree High Priestess

Served 1996 - 2016

Passed into the Summerlands

Aug 6, 2016


Rick Landry

Stephen Hergest

Third Degree High Priest

Served 1996 - 2016




Evergreen Tradition is an inclusive and welcoming space. We recognize the rights and inherent dignity of all people, no matter how they present themselves to the world. We stand against racism, white supremacy, and discrimination in all forms.

We do not tolerate harassment or shaming on any of the following: race; former spiritual paths; position within or outside of hierarchical power structures; ethnicity; gender, gender identity, and gender expression; physical appearance; body size or type; sexual orientation or sexuality; disability; or age.

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An' it harm none, do what you will

It is impossible to live without causing harm, but it is possible to carefully consider the consequences of our actions and magic before enacting them. We are prepared to accept the full implications of our choices in both our daily lives and in our magical workings.  We take responsibility for the outcomes, both intended and not. Where harm is done, we hold ourselves and each other accountable, and make amends where possible.

We take ownership of our mental and physical wellbeing, and respect ourselves through our thoughts and actions. 

We practice Wicca for the love of the Craft an the Gods alone. We do not charge or barter for our practice or teaching. However, we expect all members to contribute to the mundane costs of running our Tradition and events.

We value the concept of polarity and the joining of opposites as an act of creation. We recognize that not all polarities are binary, and procreation is but one aspect of this principle.  "Traditional" expressions of gender polarity do not dictate the nature of our rituals or constrain anyone to specific social or ritual roles.

Our tradition is a Mystery Tradition, grounded in trust and integrity. We share our sacred mysteries only in the proper time and place, with those who are prepared to receive them. We keep confidential the identities of our fellow Witches, and any who come to us as a Witch for aid unless we have been given permission to reveal them. We keep secret our rites, and things shared with us in circle. 

We recognize that in some spaces, secrecy has been used as a shield for wrong-doing. All of our rites are non-violent, and non-coercive. We do not use the scourge, nor any other method, to deliberately inflict suffering. Despite our commitment to secrecy, there are times when there is greater harm in keeping silent. We assert the secular laws of the places in which we live. We are all equal under the law.



We honour the Earth as the body of our Lady and strive for her well being. We leave it to the individual to decide how to express that trust in daily life and do not as a group espouse any particular lifestyle, activity or political course. 

We acknowledge the immanence of deity, and strive to respect the sacredness in all beings and things. In particular we recognize the presence of deity in ourselves and in one another.

We acknowledge the Gods have given us many gifts; we honour them by using these gifts. We give the Craft our passion and will seek to do the will of the Gods giving them our love and devotion.

We are a nature religion; we celebrate the ebb and flow of the natural world and the cycles of the seasons. this includes but is not limited to, our celebration of the Wheel of the Year.

We are all equal before the Gods, but we are not identical. Each person has unique talents and knowledge. Some, by knowledge, skills, talent, and temperament are better suited to leadership than others. These should be honoured for their work and encouraged to use their gifts for the well-being of the Craft.

We honour the old Gods and the power of nature. We understand that there are differences among us, in our beliefs and understanding concerning the essential nature of the Gods. We are not troubled by these variations, but gladly circle together with any who share our ethics and symbols.

We maintain the balance between the spiritual and the secular in our lives, for although our religion influences every aspect of our lives, we live in and of the world.

Beliefs and Values

Our History

Evergreen Tradition was founded in 1996 by Margarian Bridgebuilder and Stephen Hergest in Calgary, AB, Canada, traditional territory of the Treaty 7 nations and the Metis of Region 3.


Evergreen Tradition is an eclectic lineage tradition with roots in the Dianic, and Feri traditions. We also acknowledge less formal inputs from English Traditional Craft, Reclaiming, and several other sources. A branch of the Blackring lineage, we enjoy close kinship with other Blackring branches. 

Evergreen Tradition began as a teaching circle but has grown into a large extended family that celebrates Sabbats together. In addition to multiple teaching circles, we also have small groups within the family that organize outings and Esbats.


Evergreen Tradition was founded upon the principle that there is no one faith, no one true approach and no one true understanding in matters of Spirit. Any religion that honestly seeks to bring its members to a deeper awareness of the Sacred is worthy of respect, and neither is better or worse than another except insofar as it serves this goal. Each person should be free to choose the religion that serves their own needs best. We must respect the choices of those who follow other paths and be prepared to work alongside them when it is appropriate to do so. 

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