Evergreen Tradition was founded in 1996 by Margarian and Hergest in Calgary, Alberta within the Traditional Territory of Treaty 7 and the homeland of the Region 3 Metis Nation

Margarian Bridgebuilder

Third Degree High Priestess 

Born February 7, 1957, and passed into the Summerland on August 6, 2016

Our Founders

Stephen Hergest

Third Degree High Priest

1956- 2016   Retired


Evergreen Tradition is an eclectic lineage tradition with roots in the Dianic, Feri and we also acknowledge less formal inputs from English Traditional Craft, Reclaiming, and several other sources. As a branch of the Blackring lineage, we enjoy close kinship with other branches of Blackring. Evergreen Tradition began as a teaching circle but has grown into a large extended family that celebrates Sabbats together. In addition to multiple teaching circles, we also have small groups within the family that organize outings

and Esbats.



Evergreen Tradition was founded upon the principle that there is no one faith, no one true approach and no one true understanding in matters of Spirit. Any religion that honestly seeks to bring its members to a deeper awareness of the Sacred is worthy of respect, and neither is better or worse than another except insofar as it serves this goal. Each person should be free to choose the religion that serves their own needs best. We must respect the choices of those who follow other paths and be prepared to work alongside them when it is appropriate to do so. 


Margarian and Hergest led rituals and workshops in Calgary, Red Deer, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa, and appeared in two books by Judy Harrow (1945-2014), Wicca Covens and Spiritual Mentoring. Their article, "Pagan Deism: Three Views", appeared in The Pomegranate, Issue 1, February 1997.