This page is frequently being updated; if you know of anyone we’ve forgotten, please let us know. These are provided for informational purposes only; we do not necessarily endorse all those listed, and some may be inactive. 

Local Pagan Groups


"A group of members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) in and around Calgary Alberta Canada."

Public Facebook Group: "Home of the Calgary Heathen and Asatru Community"

Public Facebook Group: Organizes Pagan Pride Day annually in September and other events with the New Age Market.

"A space for Wiccans in or near Cochrane, Alberta to share news about events, plan gatherings and generally keep in touch."

Calgary Witches Meetings

Private Facebook group for Wiccans and Witches of Calgary who discuss and occasionally meet up for rituals.

Grove of Mysteries/Spira

"A modern pagan religion that has some commonalities with Wicca, Druidism, and Shamanism." Contact for details.






"CPN was designed to facilitate communication and networking opportunities for Calgary and area Pagans."


"An Interfaith Community of Pagans and their Friends."

"The online community of the NeoPagans."

"A worldwide community of over 55,000 members from all beliefs."

a.k.a. 'WitchVox'... "NeoPagan News/Networking on the Net since 1997"

Festivals & Gatherings

Web page of the Canadian National Pagan Conference, most recently held in Calgary in 2017. Next conference is in 2019. Location TBD

"Alberta's Largest Pagan Festival in the Prairies"

Organizes Pagan Pride Day annually in September and other events throughout the year

Paranormal investigations,tours and events throughout Alberta

Friday night drum circles with 80+ drummers, currently held in Inglewood

Other Links

These are mainly links to people who are our friends and acquaintances, or who have otherwise linked to this page. Words in quotes are their own. Includes archival listings for historical purposes.

"An introduction to Traditional Wicca"; Circle of the Moonlit Sea, Port St. Lucie, FL


A friend and blogger from the BC Lower Mainland.

A registered multitraditional Wiccan church with members throughout the USA and internationally; has good general information files and provides referrals to member covens and teachers.


Sacred circle dances. 

Former National Coordinator of the Pagan Federation International Canada.

"News for Wiccans & Pagans from a Canadian and global perspective." Roughly a Canadian version of Witchvox, complete with forums and chatroom

Archival Listings: these are listings where the page is no longer in operation if you happen to have an updated link or other source please share with us :)

Awen Grove

"Celebrating Modern Global Druidry within the Calgary Pagan Community"

Beaufort House Index of British Traditional Witchcraft

A genealogical "site index" of English Craft traditions, as of 15 January, 1999

Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta

"A meeting place for Calgary Wiccans and Pagans"; hosts community Sabbats, monthly Coffee Cauldrons, Winter Mysteries, and Summerfest campout.

Wiccan Together

"The Online Community for Wiccans and Pagans".