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Other Traditions of Wicca

Index of English Traditional Witchcraft:

British Traditions and their offshoots


Alexandrian Tradition

"Established in the 1960s by Alex Sanders, and his wife Maxine."


Dianic Wicca

"Focus[es] exclusively on the Goddess and consists of women-only covens and groups." This definition from "Themiskyra: Amazonian Homeland."


Feri Tradition

"Feri was founded by Victor Anderson, and developed by Victor and his wife Cora, and several important Feri teachers, largely in the San Francisco Bay Area."


Gardnerian Wicca in Canada

"A matriarchal, matrilineal tradition that honours the Great Mother and Her consort, the Horned God."


Minoan Brotherhood

"This Gay Men's tradition of Witchcraft was established in New York by the late Lord Gwydion in the middle 1970s."


New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn

"The NROOGD Tradition of the Craft originated with a group of friends who were students at San Francisco State College in 1967..."


Odyssean Tradition

A brief history of the Odyssean Tradition, practised by the Ontario-based Wiccan Church of Canada.


Protean Tradition

An offshoot of Gardnerian Tradition.



"A Community of people, a Tradition of Witchcraft, and a religious organization."


1734 Tradition

"Based on the teachings, writings (published and personal), and the inspiration of Robert Cochrane."