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Finding Inspiration

Anyone who knows me, probably knows I’m typically a chatty person, prone to distraction, and weird jokes. I’m also pretty involved in Calgary’s pagan community. Something that I haven’t shared with everyone (the exception being my teachers) is at times I’m a borderline atheist. Beyond some amazing connections and experiences I’ve had in ritual, sacred, and natural space, I function day to day as a mundane muggle. I’ve tried everything from trying to pull an oracle card daily, keeping a journal (I think my record is 5 days), a spell a day, and special witches day planners. I’ve always been especially jealous of people who have the consistency to spend time at their altars with deity daily. I tend to get mine ready for the new season, appreciate it for a while, and come back to it when it’s somehow grown a layer of dust. Whew, glad I got that off my chest. I still consider myself a witch, I’ve been known to infuse an intent into my cooking with herbs and a special stir, choose my jewelry based on what I’ll need that day (opal for communication!), or just go hug a tree.

With the dreaded virus that shall not be named looming my routine has changed recently. I’ve been working frantic 10 hour days from home. While fighting a cold, and trying to keep my tiny apartment tidy and livable so I don’t go stir crazy. I’ve been making a lot of to-do lists (I don’t journal, but I make lists with the best!). A lot of my personal and spiritual goals revolve around feeling connected with my spiritual practices, making some progress on my 2nds studies, and contributing to the community through Evergreen. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to contribute, what I can contribute.

Feeling disconnected from deity and magic often when I’m focusing on my day to day life has made me a topic expert in something. Finding inspiration, dragging it out when you don’t feel like it, finding the spark that makes life fun and magical. For me, if I waited for the magic to strike first, I’d be waiting forever. Feelings follow actions. I don’t want to exercise until I start dancing and remember I love it. I don’t want to write until I start typing. I don’t want to go shopping until... nope, I still don’t enjoy shopping.

So, if feelings follow actions, what actions can we take to inspire our witchy practices? I’ve got a list for you!

  • PODCASTS. Skip reading a book (cause you're probably procrastinating on that too) and skip to the good stuff. Druidcast is my go-to. But type keywords into any podcast app and there are at least a dozen witchy podcasts out there.

  • Make plans to go to a class or sabbat and… keep them! The hardest part is leaving your house. If you gain any inspiration while you're there, write it down and follow through.

  • Go hug that tree! Especially as urban witches, I think it’s important to find nature in our homes, backyards, and local parks. Nature shouldn’t be something apart, that we have to go camping or hiking to find. It’s the dandelion pushing up through the cement.

  • Consult your teacher/mentor/classmate. Don’t self-isolate, admit if you’re having a tough time. I guarantee even the witch with a special witches room in their house, that teaches witchcraft, and pulls a tarot card every morning has had the same struggle. Glean what wisdom you can, give it a try, not everything works for everyone (the right deck of cards doesn’t exist for me)

  • Try a new habit. I’ve tried tons, and not many have stuck. However, I don’t regret the week I lit the same candle every day, or the seedlings I started intending to journal their progress in my BOS. Even if a habit doesn’t stick, it doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

  • Do a mental health check-in. Are you truly feeling uninspired? Or has depression, anxiety, or another mental health issue crept in? Sometimes we need to get our bodies and minds sorted out before the spirituality can follow. Make the appointment to see your doctor or therapist and be gentle with yourself.

  • Cast a circle. Has it been more than a month? Can’t remember the last time you cast a circle by yourself outside of a class or Sabbat? Do it! Typically circles have a purpose, for meditation, spellwork, or celebration. The purpose can be as simple as you want to feel the magic of inviting elements and or deity to join you in sacred space. Don’t make it a big complicated deal, bring up a circle and feel the change in your outlook.

  • Book something to look forward to. Whether it's a special class at the local witchy shop, a pagan festival, or a guided herb walk. Sprinkling these activities throughout your wheel of the year makes the turning joyful.

So I may be declaring myself a topic expert in finding inspiration but chances are you are too. Please leave a comment below on what has inspired you lately. Whether it be poetry, music, books, friends, or experiences.

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