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Living Wicca

Many of us, students and elders alike struggle to actually "live Wicca". What do i mean by that? Well I mean that we are Wiccan's for the holidays. We celebrate the Sabbats and maybe even a few Esbats but during the time when nothing is going on we lapse. It's also why first degree students love the weekly classes so much. It's not only a time to learn but it's like Sunday, or Tuesday or Wednesday, church service. They use the class as putting in their Wiccan time. As a teacher that can hold true as well. You spend time prepping for class, delivering class and following up with class so you almost feel like that's your spiritual time.

The reality is, is that Wicca is not just for the holidays and spiritual time is not just learning in class. It's those moments in between that count. The times when you're stressed, when you're lonely and reflective or even when you are on top of the world. Those are times we selfishly keep to ourselves and to our blood family but we forget our spiritual center. We think that our day to day life is too boring, too hectic or too mundane to involve the Gods.

Then to add to that there is the very real worry about not knowing exactly what to do, to practice our faith on a regular basis. Really what does one do outside of the holidays when they want to commune with the Goddess and God? We are trained about what each Sabbat means and how we can honor the changing of the earth cycles. We have learned in books and from our teachers as to how to work with the energies of the moon and we do that like a "real witch". Now what? Is that living Wicca?

Nope; its not. Wicca is not just for the holidays. It's not even a toolkit that you can haul out when you need help with a job or a car. This is your spiritual life we are talking about. This path gives so much to each of us, we owe it to ourselves and to our deities to give back. Not only that but there is so much love and comfort we can find when we just reach out and speak our truth. Living Wicca means living spiritually and living spiritually means that the Gods are there for the good times and the bad, the hectic and the dull, for richer and for poorer. You get the point. It's time to make time each day for our spiritual life. To let the wisdom of the ancients wash over us and fill us with the Mystery we spend so much time seeking.

Now to the "how" of it all. How can you live Wicca. You can start small. When you wake up you can thank the Gods for a new day that's ahead of you. When you go to bed you can list the things you were thankful for that day. That sound too much like praying to some of you? Well that's not all! You can write in a journal daily but in this journal you can not only write for yourself but use it as writing a letter to your friend; deity. Tell the Gods what you are thankful for, what are your fears, secrets you can only share on the pages of that book. Bare your soul and if the mood strikes, ask for help, guidance and love.

When you dig in our garden, stop to think about where the food comes from and what the gift of nourishment means to you. Summer is coming, time for fires and friendships. Utilize that fire energy to call to ask for confidence or the strength to go on if its been a rough while for you. Every single day, in all of our actions, whether big or small we can stop, be mindful and reach out to deity in some way.

We are the hidden children of the Goddess. Remember that, because not many are so fortunate to be part of the craft of the wise. Listen to the words of the Goddess "And you who seek to know me, know that all your seeking and knowing shall avail you not unless you know the mystery, that if which you seek, you find not within yourself, then you will never find it without, for behold, I have been with you from the beginning and I am that which is attained by the end of desire. "

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