The Spring Garden

Updated: May 30, 2018

Waiting for the flowers to come up always makes me excited!

I have a tendency to plant a bunch of things indoors early in the year and living in our climate they either get all leggy and too long then shrivel and die when they get outside or I plant them too late and when everyone else has run out to the greenhouses and purchased their flowers and tomatoes... mine are making a poor showing. LOL!

Remembering Patience

Planting from seeds is long system of trial and error. We have to have patience with ourselves and with mother nature. Trust our intuition about when spring is going to arrive and when we should start planting, moving plants outside to harden off, and finally, when to plant in the ground.

It's OK to cheat!

I do not judge people who run out and buy plants from the greenhouses. Growing from seed is HARD work in our climate. Some of us are too busy or are just plain no good at it. And I would rather see more plants on peoples patios and at least have them try to grow something than see a barren concrete or wooden deck.

There is something about having alot of green things surrounding your personal space that invites you to slow down and relax.

In the heat of the city more plants also have the effect of cooli