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Jun 01, 2018
In Elders Happenings
Welcome to the first edition of the Elders Speak blog posting. It is in this space that the Elders will share information about the happenings of both the Elders themselves and the Evergreen family. Evergreen has grown quite a bit over the years and with that growth we want to recognize the changing and evolving needs of the population. Through feedback from our members we are now being asked to provide more services and support including handfastings, end of life services, incarceration chaplaincy, family events, retreats, Esbats, social gatherings and guest speakers. This of course is in addition to our currently ongoing Sabbats, classes, workshops and gatherings. The Elders have been looking at the viability of all of these needs/wants and have determined that all are valuable and if we wish to have them come to fruition, we need your help. In an ideal world I would love to see groups of Evergreen working together on different pieces that they would like to make happen. For exampled 2-3 people plan and organize family get-together, 2-3 people plan an Evergreen only social event, 2-3 people plan a retreat or overnight somewhere. We have a lot of talented members that can make things happen so I say "build it and they will come"! From an Elder perspective I am working on getting us recognized a religious organization which will allow us the ability to perform legal handfastings and visit hospitals and other facilities with religious authority. It is a process that takes a lot of paperwork and time so I suspect the result will not be for at least another year down the road. Once that is complete I will be offering legal handfasting services to not only Evergreen but the public as well. I currently offer non legal commitment handfasdtings to those who are seeking that. Additionally Heather Dawn plans to start offering end of life services when she is moved and her health gets back on track, Rikki is working on a major project for a sustainable living program that will be shared and taught to Evergreen at some point as well as this LOVELY website, Caroline continues to evolve the ritual leadership workshop and she will be offering that on a continual basis. We also have secured guest speakers such as Deb from Where Faeries Live for a Gardnarian workshop that will be offered for all of Evergreen, Sam Wagar for a TBA workshop for all of Evergreen and others TBA. As you can see from this blog which I tried to shorten but somehow still ended up this long; that the Elders are working hard for Evergreen to continue to develop and grow to meet the changing needs of our membership and we hope that you find value in what we offer. In closing I would offer these words of the change that you want to see. -Jen SunSpirit
Evergreen Elders

Evergreen Elders

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