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At present, the gateway to Initiation into Evergreen Tradition is through descendants of the original Evergreen Teaching Circle, which accept new students at various points during the year. Initiates of other, closely related traditions who wish to cross-initiate into Evergreen may seek individual consideration. Evergreen charges no fees for instruction, though students are encouraged to cover their fair share of expenses.


New students are accepted on an ongoing basis. Second and Third Degree studies are also available.

Evergreen Students

New Students must be interviewed and approved by at least two Elders, and should ideally meet all currently available Evergreen teachers in order to find the best fit.

Students, although non-Initiates, are welcome to Evergreen Sabbats and events so long as they are students. Once the student has completed studies, if not seeking initiation, they shall be removed from all lists, pages and event invitations.

If a student has been cast out of a teaching circle for disrepute, let none other choose to take them in until a year and a day has passed. But if the parting is amicable, and by mutual consent, no such constraint is required.

Lapsed students - students who do not attend classes for over six consecutive weeks without reasonable cause shall be contacted by their teacher and be given an additional six weeks to resume regular attendance or they shall be removed from all lists, pages, and event invitations and must likewise re-apply.

Repudiated students are removed from all lists, pages, and event invitations but may re-apply after a year and a day has passed.

We will not exercise undue control over our students, or others under our care.

We will discourage our students from crediting us to inappropriate levels of wisdom. We acknowledge that beginners may project their internal Priestess/ Priest onto their teachers in the early phases of instructions, but will not Initiate any who have not reclaimed it.

We will not actively recruit, or poach students from other teachers. However, we distinguish between advertising/ announcing our existence and active recruiting.

We will encourage and aid our students to contact other potential teachers, and to solicit outside opinions regarding Evergreen.

We respect the responsibility of our students for their personal decisions and will strive to advance their personal development.

While it is appropriate for some level of friendship to exist between a teacher and student, physical intimacy will end such a relationship.

 © Evergreen Tradition 2018

Student admission requirement: Interview, five introductory lessons, letter of application, signed contract.

Attendance requirements: First Degree students must be able to attend classes in Calgary, plus Evergreen sabbats and occasional special events. First degree studies typically require about 300-400 hours of work (class time plus homework) spread out over a year. If you're currently enrolled in university full-time, raising a small child, or juggling three part-time jobs, you might want to consider postponing formal Wiccan studies until your life is a little less hectic.

Status upon completion: Eligible to seek initiation into the degree studied for; references and referrals. Coven opening possible but not guaranteed. Temporary assistance if graduating students wish to form a group.

Underage Students - MUST have parental or guardian consent before undertaking any studies with Evergreen. Please contact us if you or your parent/ guardian wants more information. 

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