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Book Review

The Nature Fakers by Ralph H. Lutts - Reviewed by Rikki May 2018

In a world  that is always looking forward, this book is a refreshing reminder to look back and remember where we came from. It truly informs us on how we got to where we are today from nature study to environmentalism and the burgeoning
faith paths of paganism.

There were parts of this book where I could empathize completely with the perspective of each individual and there were parts where I could look at the each opposing viewpoint and disagree with the logic presented. It makes for an incredibly readable book that was difficult to put down. The joy that we have from this side of history is that we can see how far we have come and to acknowledge how far we have yet to go.
The Nature Fakers and the naturalists brought to the world an appreciation, a sense of preservation and a responsibility for nature. To the point where for some it became a form of worship and reverence. Unfortunately like all of us, they too had their own blind spots so perpetuated their own particular biases. It is s reminder to all of us to open our minds and hearts to possibility, because even though some things may lie outside of your personal experience, it does not mean that it is untrue. 

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