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Learning is a Journey

The Wiccan path can be very rewarding, but must be carefully considered.  Before you decide if you want to study with Evergreen Tradition, there are a number things you should think about. Are we a good fit for you? Are you a good fit for us? Do you understand what we can and cannot offer, and what your responsibilities are?

We've included a number of documents for you read over to help you answer these questions.

Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluator - PDF

Principles of Wiccan Belief - PDF

Considering a Wiccan Apprenticeship - PDF

Pagan Compatibility Quiz - PDF

Learning and Teaching the Craft - PDF

Guru Elder Spectrum - PDF

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Being a Student
Who can be a student?

Any person over the age of 18 who has a demonstrated interest in pursuing Wiccan studies and who aligns with our values and ethics. Underage persons must have parental or guardian consent before becoming an Evergreen student. Please contact us if you or your parent/guardian would like more information. 

Students are accepted at various points throughout the year. First, Second, and Third Degree studies are available.

Admission Requirements

New students must be interviewed and approved by at least two Elders, and should ideally meet all currently available Evergreen teachers in order to find the best fit. After completing the interview, new students must:

  • complete the five introductory lessons

  • submit a letter of application

  • sign the student contract


First Degree students must be able to attend classes in Calgary (or online as arranged with your teacher), plus Evergreen sabbats and occasional special events. First Degree studies typically require about 300-400 hours of work (class time plus homework) spread out over a year. If you're currently enrolled in university full-time, raising a small child, or juggling three part-time jobs, you might want to consider postponing formal Wiccan studies until your life is a little less hectic.

Students who do not attend classes for over six consecutive weeks without reasonable cause shall be contacted by their teacher and be given an additional six weeks to resume regular attendance or they shall be removed from all lists, pages, and event invitations and must likewise re-apply.

Repudiated students are removed from all lists, pages, and event invitations but may re-apply after a year and a day has passed.

Leaving a Teaching Circle

At any point in your studies, you may decide that Evergreen and/or Wicca are not not the path for you. We encourage our students to discuss their thoughts and feelings with their teacher, or another of the Elders as appropriate. Students are free to leave at any time. If the parting is amicable, we can provide references to other teachers and groups, or the student is welcome to return if and when the time is right.


Students may be removed from their teaching circle for disreputable behaviour. Prior to removal, the teacher will discuss the issues with the student and attempt to resolve them, bringing in an additional Elder to mediate if appropriate. Repudiated students are removed from all lists, pages, and event invitations, but may re-apply to be a student after a year and a day has passed.

Status upon Completion

Students who have completed their course of study are eligible to seek initiation. Coven openings are possible but not guaranteed. Temporary assistance is available to initiated students wishing to form a group (e.g. a coven).

Should a student decide not to pursue initiation at this point, they shall be removed from all lists, pages, and event invitations.

Commitments to our Students

We will not exercise undue control over our students, or others under our care.

We will discourage our students from crediting us to inappropriate levels of wisdom. We acknowledge that beginners may project their internal Priestess/ Priest onto their teachers in the early phases of instructions, but will not Initiate any who have not reclaimed it.

We will not actively recruit, or poach students from other teachers. However, we distinguish between advertising/ announcing our existence and active recruiting.

We will encourage and aid our students to contact other potential teachers, and to solicit outside opinions regarding Evergreen.

We respect the responsibility of our students for their personal decisions and will strive to advance their personal development.

While it is appropriate for some level of friendship to exist between a teacher and student, physical intimacy will end such a relationship.

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