Values and Ethics

We uphold the One Law also known as the Wiccan Rede: An it harm none, do what you will.

We are non-discriminatory either by race gender or sexual orientation.

We acknowledge it is impossible to live without causing harm, but it is possible to refrain from harmful magic. So we consider carefully the consequences of spells, that we may avoid unintended harm. Knowing that whatever we do for good or ill will be returned threefold. "No harm" includes self, other people and the whole of nature.

We value the concept of polarity, the joining of opposites as the essential synergistic act of creation. However not all polarities are binary, and animal procreation is not the only expression of this prinicple. We are not bound to the traditional concepts of gender polarity as the only or even the best representation of polarity, and in particular we do not allow these concepts to dictate or constrain social or ritual gender roles.

In daily life we strive to avoid needless harm and are mindful of the effests of our actions upon others, ourselves and the ecology. Where harm is inevitable, we weigh actions carefully and try to choose the lesser harm. We take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. We take responsibility for our mental and physical well being, and respect ourselves in thought and action.

We hold sacred the mysteries of the Craft; sharing them only in the proper time and place, and only with those who are both worthy, and ready to recieve

Our rites are non-violent and non-coercive; Life and learning have their necessary pains, but we do not deliberately inflict suffering in our rites. We do not use the scourge, nor do we encourage its use

We know that inaction is also a choice , and that choice also has consequences

We do not shoulder guilt, but where possible make amends for harm

Our magic is only as strong as our will and our word. We do not make promises lightly, but keep strict the promises we have made

We practice the Craft for the love of the Craft and the Gods alone. The gifts of the Gods are beyond price, and must not be sold. for our practice and our teaching of the Craft, we accept no profit in money or goods or labour. However, we are entitled to seek to recoup legitimate expenses from those on whose behalf we have incurred them

We recognize the capacity for fallibility in ourselves, and in our teachers and Elders **Bonewits**

We do not as a religion espouse political causes. Individually we may work for the protection of the earth and its peoples as we see fit

We view nature as implacable, but human existance demands mercy as well as justice. Forgiveness is a sacred act.

We keep secret the identities of our fellow Witches, and any who come to us as a Witch for aid unless we have been given leave to reveal them

We keep secret things shared with us in circle, as befits a Priestess/Priest of the Gods. For ours is a religion of trust, and without trust our rites cannot be

Notwithstanding the above, there may come a time when the greater harm is in silence. We consider carefully before speaking, for once told a secret cannot be unshared.

We strive to avoid bringing the Craft into disrepute by our words or actions

We avoid contention wherever possible. We do not brag, boast or threaten. We have the right to defend what is ours, but know that sometimes the best course is to turn and walk away.

Worldly Law - None of the values listed above shall supercede the condradiction of the secular laws of the places in which we live or choose to live. For we are all equal under the law, and violation of secular laws have thier own consequences for which we must take responsibility

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