We are a nature religion; We celebrate the ebb and flow of the natural world and the cycles of the seasons. this includes but is not limited to, our celebration of the Wheel of the Year

We acknowledge the immanence of deity, and strive to respect the sacredness in all beings and things. In particular we recognize the presence of deity in ourselves and in one another

We honour the Earth as the body of our Lady and strive for her well being. We leave it to the individual to decide how to express that trust in daily life and do not as a group espouse any particular lifestyle, activity or political course.

What We Believe

We are all equal before the Gods, but we are not all identical. Each has unique talents and knowledge.

Some, by knowledge and skills, talent and temperament, are better suited to leadership than others. These should be honoured for their work and encouraged to use their gifts for the well being of the Craft.


We acknowledge the Gods have given us many gifts; we honour them by using these gifts. We give the Craft our passion and will seek to do the will of the Gods giving them our love and devotion

We honour the old Gods and the power of nature. We understand that there are differences among us, in our beliefs and understanding concerning the essential nature of the Gods. We are not troubled by these variations, but gladly circle together with any who share our ethics and symbols

We maintain the balance between the spiritual and the secular in our lives, for although our religion influences every aspect of our lives, we live in and of the world

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