Evergreen offers teaching up to the Third Degree in our Tradition or in the Blackring family. Sabbats for our students and Initiates, occasional Public rituals, and Life Passage rituals such as Wiccanings, Handfastings, Cronings and Sagings, and Requiems.


If you are interested in obtaining our services for any of the above, we would be happy to meet with you to help determine if we are the right fit for your needs. 

Evergreen’s initiatory system has three degrees. A First-Degree Initiate, after slightly more than a year of study, has the basic toolkit of knowledge and skills for solitary practice, or for effective participation in a coven. Those who wish to lead, teach or initiate may pursue higher degrees.

Although we encourage our members to form covens and to be active in the Pagan community, we consider the basic unit of Craft practice to be the empowered individual. Every Evergreen Initiate is their own Priestess or Priest, capable of creating their own acts of worship and magic. Whether solitary or in group practice, all members are encouraged to treat Evergreen as a lasting and supportive family.